Wednesday, August 18

Thank you IZEA

When I started blogging more than a year ago, I was like a duckling being thrown in the pond. I have to learn my way and the ways of the world around me. But in spite of that I took the courage to buy my own domain and explore the world of blogging. I enjoyed blogging because I met (virtually) a lot of people and as a stay at home mom, that is a great deal for me. Through networking, I found out about IZEA and learned how it helps blogger to monetized their blogs. Almost (if not all) blogger wants to make money out of their blog and honestly speaking I am one of those. For me IZEA revolutionized social media marketing, this is where I learned to blog about product and services. Advertisers and blogger could advertise their products and services through social media in a very reasonable price. Since social media is the thing of the present generation, and reaching the audience and customers through these means is a guaranteed success.

Personally, IZEA helped me a lot in so many things. Every time I wrote something for them, it makes me push myself to come up with something different and unique to capture my audience. It helped me polish my writing skills and creativity every time they disapproved my content and asked for revisions. I learned and known different products and services available in the market that I have never heard before. I was able to try some of them because of curiosity. Got ideas as well on promotions and special offers from different company's that I was able to share with family and friends.

The list could just go on, on how IZEA helped me become a blogger. The only thing I could say to them THANK YOU for all the opportunities!

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