Sunday, August 1

I started to shop online!

I used to love to go to the mall. Almost every weekend or twice a week, I went to the mall to go shopping or just window shop. Going to the mall became my stress reliever! But when we moved into a new house, shopping becomes a luxury for me. I have to watched our budget and make sure that we have some money to pay for the mortgage. But of course, I could not totally abandon shopping, that would be the end of my happy life. That is when I learned and got hooked with online shopping. Since I was busy with household chores, taking good care of my kids at the same time taking classes online, I have very little time to go to the mall anymore. I purchase most of my stuff online, designer handbags, shoes, and accessories. I was surprised that I could find some of these stuff way cheaper than in store. Another cool things about online shopping is that, you can compare prices of the same product from different stores. There are some website where you can search the product that you want to buy and it will crawl the Internet and gives you different results of this product with its corresponding price from different stores, Shopwiki is an example of that website. For instance, you are looking for laptop bags and you want to compare prices, it will show you different types of laptop bags and their prices, it will even give you tips on how to shop for laptop bags. Same thing will happen if you search for bags, or luggage bags.

I also love the idea of waiting for something that I bought and opening it the moment I received it. The feeling of anticipation, surprise, satisfaction or disappointment every time you bought something. The other day, I was shopping online for my preschoolers backpack (school will start soon, so I have to start shopping), now the anticipation has begun. I have to wait for it for a couple of days before it arrives. Since I started to do online shopping, I developed this habit of going to the mailbox or checking the front door if something has arrived. Funny but exciting!

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