Sunday, August 1

Kayaking @ the park

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon again at the park. We attended a birthday party of one of our friends. After eating lots of food, barbecue and other Filipino food, playing fresbie and kids playing in the sand, the guys decided to go kayak. They brought the kids with them, and we were left behind watching the babies. I was surprised to learned that renting a kayak does not cost that much. They only paid $15 for a 30 minutes rent and $20 for an hour. It was not bad right? Sammamish Lake Park, has kayak rental, and almost all the lakes here in Washington has one. I really wanted to try that someday, maybe when Andi is old enough to sit tight.

Summer is really fun here in Washington, there are a lot of activities to do, but of course there are a lot of limitations when you have a baby in tow. We have one more month to go before summer ends !!!

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nancy said...

sounds fun!

hi, Melanie I'm new here. I'd like to add this page of yours to my blog roll is you don't mind -:)