Wednesday, August 18

Multnomah Falls in Oregon

Last weekend the weather was extremely perfect that we headed out to Portland Oregon with friends. We spent our first day exploring the Multnomah Falls along Columbia River Gorge. Multnomah Falls is the highest falls in Oregon with a total height of 620 feet. This falls was divided into two levels, but there is a trail going up to the second level and bridge that connect both sides. People could climb up and go to the first level and could go trekking up on top while enjoying the magnificent view of Columbia River Gorge from the top.

The view was breathtaking, but I only reach the middle point since carrying a baby is too much for me while doing the hike. I don't have my carrier with me and stroller is not possible going up the trail. While the rest of the gang did the hike, I contented myself cooling off at the bottom of the falls with the kids.

Here are some of our pics.

Next stop, the Grotto !

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