Wednesday, September 29

Andi's Birthday Part 1

Andi had two celebration for her Birthday.  One is on her exact birthday, and the other one is on a weekend at the Children's Museum.   During her birthday, we invited one of her Godparents, who are a close friend of ours to have dinner with us.  I cooked a simple dinner and bought a small cake for her.   This is her trying to blow her candle.  

The kids sung a Birthday song for her and helped her blew her candle too!

She was just so happy and excited to open her present.   The kids too!

This is what she got from Ninong Eric and Ninang Maricel.  An activity center!!! She was so happy playing with it.   It was a very simple celebration, but I am sure Andi had a good time.

Next post is Andi's Birthday Party at the Children's Museum.  Watch out for that!

1 comment:

Rossel said...

happy birthday andy! wishing you all the best in life. God bless you always!

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