Wednesday, September 29

Golfing is Great Fun For Everyone

I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips

During the spring and summer months my husband and I like to go golfing on Saturdays. When I get up on Saturday mornings I usually pack us a picnic lunch to have after we are done playing golf. My husband puts his clubs in the car and I set our home alarm system before we leave.
Actually I don't really golf. I drive the golf cart around the course as my husband plays his round of golf. Many of my friends think it is ridiculous for me to go with my husband when I actually don't play golf. However, I actually enjoy spending the time with him while he is playing. I also enjoy having a picnic lunch with my husband at a nearby park after he is done playing. If we don't have a picnic then we will go to a nice restaurant for lunch after the game.
Sometimes my husband's best friend, Mike, joins us for a golf game. When Mike comes he usually brings his wife, Susan, with him. I really like it when Susan comes along with Mike, because we talk the whole time our husbands are playing golf. When Mike and Susan golf with us we go out to lunch after we are done golfing. Susan and I can usually talk our husbands into shopping after we are done with golf and lunch.

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