Monday, September 13

Gabz finally got her Pillow Pet!

TV Advertising really get the child's attention. For instance, Pillow Pets commercial has been running in the television for many months now and every time Gabz saw the commercial, I could tell that she wanted to have one too. She is just one kid who does not know how to ask mom or dad to buy her one. She does not know how to ask us if she wanted anything, that might be a toy or a book. She just accepted whatever we gave her and be glad to have it. But you would know if she likes something because she talks about it a lot. The last few days, she has been talking about how great Pillow Pets are and that another friend has one. Being a mom, you wanted to give everything to your child, but we do not want to spoil her as well. To make it subtle, I asked her if she wanted to have a Pillow Pet, she did not give me a direct yes, but she said that a Unicorn Pillow Pet is really nice. I told her Dad about it, and off he go buy one online.

She was so happy when she got her Pillow Pet! Has been sleeping with it every night.

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