Monday, September 13

Garden Makeover!

Yesterday, my pre-ordered Tulips from Skagit has finally arrived! I am excited for the next spring or summer to come because I am trying to imagine how beautiful my garden will be. We have ordered 100 pcs. of Tulip bulbs, but I have to share it with my friend Maricel. It will be 50 pcs. for each of us. That would still be a lot of Tulips right? The instructions said that we have to plant those bulbs by end of October, so when spring comes it will all be in full bloom.

I have been telling hubby that next summer I wanted to redesign our garden in front of the house. I wanted to put some planters on the side and layered the slope with bricks. The front garden is not flat, but instead it was design in a little slope. So I wanted to put two layers on it, then plant flowers on each layer. Right now we have those plants, but when spring or summer comes, there is no flowers on it! Last spring, I planted small flowers and some lilies on it so it would look pretty. But I was not able to do much because I just gave birth to my baby and I do not want to spend most of my time gardening.

Next year, I promised myself that I will transform that place into a beautiful garden! With lilies and Tulips all around the house, adding outdoor planters on both front and back gardens ! I put a small planter at the back garden, but it does not look too good. I have to reorganize it next spring. I have a lot of ideas running in my head on what to do with our garden, and I am excited to put them in action. I was also thinking of putting decorative planter in the front step of the house. I think it will be pretty!

Before I could put those ideas into action, I have to do things one at a time. First thing this year, plant those Tulips!

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