Thursday, September 16

I am into Bikram Yoga!

I had been going for three weeks now at Bikram Yoga.   I am doing it with my yoga buddy Maricel.   I wanted to loose weight, and the last time, yoga was the one who helped me get through with it.    Bikram yoga is quiet different from the one I used to have.  This is being done is a very hot environment.  You will be sweating from head to toe and from beginning to end.  It is just like doing yoga in a sauna!   The first few classes was a challenge, because there are some poses that I felt light headed and like to throw up.   I though I could not finish my first class, but with determination and a little concentration I was able to do it.   The next classes, my body started to adjust and it was not so difficult anymore, there are some moments where I enjoyed it.

After three weeks, I lost 5 pounds!   Not much but I am determined to continue and eventually reach my desired weight.   All those post pregnancy weight are so hard to loose.  I am sure a lot of moms out there struggle with the same dilemma.   Doing exercise not only makes you loose weight, but it makes you healthy and brings a lot of good energy into your body and mind.

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