Thursday, September 2

Next stop Rose Garden!

Our next stop is Japanese and Rose Garden. As we were about to ride the mini bus going to the entrance of the garden, we bump into one of our friend Jenny. She was with her hubby and parents in law. They were in Portland that weekend as well trying to enjoy the nice weather. She was the one who encourage me to check out the Outlet Mall that is tax free. Do you know that Portland is tax free? Yes they are, that is why after the garden, we are supposed to go to Canyon Beach, but the lure of outlet mall is too inviting to resist. That change of plan does not pleased hubby at all.

Anyways, here are some pictures of the garden and the kids having fun ! They indulge hubby in his craziness ! Now they have crazy shots ! But I could see that they were having fun as much as hubby did.

I love this shot !

Next post, Japanese Garden !

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