Thursday, September 9

Why I Still Love A Night At The Movies

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

With the invention of the VCR, then the DVD Player, and now services like "Netflix "and "Movies on Demand", people have been predicting the end of the movie theater. Movie theaters are here to stay because they offer a chance to get out of the house for a relatively inexpensive night of entertainment. I just grab a friend, set my home security alarm, and am on my way to hours of entertainment.

Movie theaters offer features and an experience that are unattainable to people at home. There is just something about a 40 foot screen that draws me in, and gets me excited about almost any movie. New advances in "3-D" and high-definition screens like IMAX entice me further. Advances in sound systems at theaters puts me in the middle of the action, with effects that just cant be matched in any room at home. Even the previews are new and exciting to watch, as they show me highlights of great movies to come for the first time. The experience of the laughs and thrills of hundreds of strangers around me, also adds to the entertainment value. In addition, there is the high-priced but wonderfully delicious theater food and snacks. It is impossible to match the extraordinary satisfaction gained from sharing an extra large tub of movie theater popcorn shared with a friend.

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