Wednesday, September 8

A present for Andi

Two weeks from now, Andi will celebrate her 1t Birthday. As early as now, I bought a present for her on her 1st birthday. Nothing extravagant, but something she will enjoy. A toy of course, nothing else will make your baby happy, but toys :-) I bought a 3 n 1 Vtech Smart Wheels for her online, and it arrived the other day. When we opened the present, she saw the picture outside and she started smiling. I guess even at this age, they do know toys when they see one. Here are some pictures of Andi while unwrapping her present from mommy.

That sweet smile is precious! No amount of money could ever buy that. All worries of the day are gone the moment she gave you that smile. I am so glad she likes it. I guess she knows that this toy is hers, because every time her big sister wanted to sit on it, she tried to push her out. Too early to teach her that sharing is good, so we have to asked big sister to give her time. I am just glad, that I have very good kids.

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