Thursday, October 7

Going to a Professional Football Game

Thanks for the post, Nora Howe

Watching my favorite football team play on our directv channels when they are playing an away game is wonderful but there is nothing that beats going to the stadium. This is where all the magic happens but there are certain aspects of the adventure to and from that make the experience even more exhilarating.

Wherever my team is playing within reason there I am at the stands screaming myself hoarse. Some of my friends tend to think I might have lost my mind at some point when I was growing up but the louder I shout the better my team seems to perform. Or is this a coincidence? I think not because I have put this notion to the test over and over again and true to form once the scream comes out then we score.

Oh the merry making that accompanies the end of a successful game is beyond words but there is something I love even more and it comes in the form of the team jersey. The first time I bought one I was dubbed a fanatic by fellow screamers but several months later they had their own t-shirts and scarves and I think I even spotted a flag somewhere under my room mates bed.

Now short of having my favorite teams logo tattooed somewhere on my body I've got quite a number of souvenirs scattered all over the house and for some reason no matter how hard I try to resist I must have this bag or that pajama set.

For those that have no idea what it feels like to love a team so much you threaten a hunger strike should they loose then you have no clue what it means to be a true red blooded football fan. The next time my team is in your area I'll be the one screaming the loudest having left my sanity at the gates. Go Falcons!

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