Tuesday, October 5

Andi's Birthday Party Part II

Saturday at 2:30 PM, Andi had her Birthday Party at Children's Museum.  I guess this is the best party ever, hassle free and the kids had a blast!  At first we were thinking of having the party here in our house, but thinking of the preparation, and clean up time after the party makes us to think twice.  I guess we had made the right decision of having it at the Museum.  The price is quiete reasonble, we had the Bonanza package which is US200 for 40 guests (both children and adults).  I do not have to decorate or anything because the room itself has mural on it.  We had the seaside room for Andi!

A family picture before the party begun.

Andi getting ready to blow her birthday candle.

All kids are seated ready for the Birthday song.

Finally! Andi blew her 1st Birthday Candle :-)
The kids hardly ate because everyone is so excited to play !

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