Monday, November 15

A trip to the ER

Good news is?  I am back on my feet again and running (not literally though).   I have been sick for like ages, symptoms just come and go.  I have never been sick this long in my entire life.  But good thing, I am quiet well now.   I have been sick with the common cough and colds, and since my kids were sick too, we kind of exchanging the virus back and forth.  Until such time that I developed a sinusitis that needs an antibiotic, otherwise it was just there killing me with headaches.   The doctor gave me a prescription of Sulfameth for the sinusitis.  After taking the medication for eight days, I suddenly got an allergic reaction.    At first I though it was the seafood that I ate, we were having a party at a friends house with lots of chinese food.  Yummy...all yummy.  I took Antihistamine, but the spots and puffyness on my face just getting worst.   On the second day, I had a bad feeling about the allergy that I called my doctor.  Found out that this medication I was taking has a common side effects, but mine was like worst.  Only 1% among everybody who has this kind of reaction to this medication.   In the morning, without knowing that the cause of my allergy is the medication, I still took one tablet.  That makes the symptoms worst I guess.   Evening came, I was running a very high fever, chilling...  My body temperature just gone awry!!! Finally decided to go to the emergency room.   While hubby was preparing to drop the kids at a friends house, I started throwing up...Gabs panicked, I guess she might have sense that there is something really wrong with mommy.   She was screaming for her Dad who was upstairs.   After throwing up, my airway closed!!! I was gasping for air.  Holly cow, that really scared the hell out of me!  I told my husband to call 911.  Fire department came and check on me, then ambulance.  They brought me to Overlake Hospital, after bringing down my fever, they did some blood test and x-ray on me to make sure that I do not have anything else going on in my system before they treat the allergy.  Good thing, everything is clear and they gave me some medications and a dose of steroid for the inflammation.   Before midnight, they sent me home.   I spent the day resting, the next day, I was up and running again.   Still felt so weak, but I do not have so much choice because I have errands and responsibilities to attend to.   What is what super MOM's do!!! No time to rest and matter is you are sick!

My christmas wish this year?  I hope I could have a couple of days rest and pampering of myself!!! As simple as that :-)

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Rossel said...

hope you are fine now. God bless you!