Saturday, November 20

History Books And A Lesson Learned

Thanks for the article from Graham Burton

Fiction is the favorite genre for most of my friends but for me, there's no getting away from historical non-fiction books that allow me to read the true stories of past moments. I love to read about far away countries, close states, and people that have shaped history. There's nothing better than a great book about something from the past, even if it's very dated or not the best book in the world. To me, the subject is still the best subject in the world.
I've read many biographies of George Washington, all of them that I would consider my favorite book. If not for this man, I wouldn't be sitting here writing this. We might not have the technological advances that we have today. Everything I love can be traced back to this man making decisions and creating the country I live in. Any biography about him is going to be my favorite book the moment I read it or set it down.
I'm a big fan of Direct TV Channel offers when I'm not reading, so I always make sure to catch every documentary I can find about Washington when it comes on one of the many channels I have. I never pass up the opportunity to learn more about this great man. I'll continue to practice this philosophy until I'm not able to read anymore.

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