Thursday, December 30

Decorating for Christmas

Thanks to Olga Quinn

Most people love to spend some time during the busy holiday season to decorate their homes. Some people choose themed decorations, others choose traditional old fashioned decor. Whatever you choose, it should include pieces that mean something to you or hold fond memories of holidays gone by.
How you decorate is important but, sometimes it's the who you decorate with that is the most important thing. Spending a day at home with your family is a wonderful experience for everyone and you are also making traditions that will last a lifetime. Many people can think back to when they were children and how they spent time with their families decorating their homes for Christmas. There may have been Christmas music playing, cookies baking in the oven and a nice warm pot of stew on the stove for dinner.
Christmas is a time of family and traditions. Decorating your home for Christmas is a wonderful way to do both of these things. Some families have traditions of letting the youngest child put the angel on top of the tree, while other families allow Mom or Dad to hang the lights but the children place all of the ornaments on the tree.
Whatever your Christmas traditions are, you should make decorating your home one of them. The memories you make are priceless. And, when you are all finished with your decorations, sit down and watch a classic movie on bestchoicetv.

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