Wednesday, December 29

Amazing Christmas Lights Festival

After the holidays, we kind of relax a little bit and took a break from all the shopping rush, dinner preparation and all the excitement happening around.   It is school break and my husband had taken off from work, so everybody is home for the rest of the year.   It is good because we were able to spend time with family, but sometimes you run out of ideas on what to do.   You get bored and could think of places and ways to spend your time.   

One evening my husband asked me if we want to go to Spanaway here in WA.  It is an hour drive from our place.  They have this Christmas lights festival and we wanted to check it out.   Off we went eventhough it was raining cats and dogs.   At the entrance, you have to pay $13 per car, yes per car and not per person.  Simply because, you are not allowed to get off your vehicle, all you have to do is drive around the park and be amazed at all the different Christmas lights.   You can see Christmas lights in different forms, all types of Dinosaurs, Cats, snow men, boats, elves playing,  kids biking, snowboarding, playing basketball, a train station, a spaceship and a lot lot more.   My daughter had fun identifying the different forms of Christmas lights.  

If you are somewhere here in Washington, you can checked it out.  I think they are open until beginning of January.    There are a lot of people checking it out, others even hired a bus!  The car next to us was a limousine!  Cool huh?   The place is Spanaway Park, in case you will be curious.

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