Friday, January 7

New Year's Eve with a baby

 Guest post written by Elizabeth Graves

They really are right when they say that having a baby changes everything in your life. Ever since I could get into bars, I've been ringing in each New Year at them with my friends and now-husband. But we have a baby this summer and that means that we're going to stay in for New Year's Eve, which will be a little weird for me.
My mom even volunteered to keep Amy that night so that we could go out for New Year's but I told her that was alright and we were just staying in. I'm actually kind of excited about getting to watch the New Year's Eve specials on TV. I've been looking up different programs with our clear tv bundle and already have reminders set on the programs.
The last time that I saw the NYE celebration in Times Square and watched the ball drop via TV, I think that I was in high school. So this will be a nice little change for us.

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