Sunday, January 16


Was lucky enough to caught this one!  I could hardly take pictures of her doing something because she will instantly grab my camera every time she saw me taking picture of her.

She is so cute working so hard trying to scribble on the floor!!! As if she knows how to write or draw.  Andi is only 15 months old, but she is acting like a two year old.   She understand almost everything that you said, you can talk to her like she is a big girl, she can speak a few words and she mumbles a lot!!!

Studying is quiet tiresome, don't you think?  Scribbling and sometimes writing on the wall is one of her favorite past time.    I guess she love to imitate her big sis, who loves to do craft, draw and scribble!  She holds her pen exactly a grown up holds it!!!

I just have to make sure that our floor is always clean.

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