Tuesday, February 15

Valentine Cards

Every year since Gabz was one year old, I always encourage her to make a valentine card for her Dad.   We come up with something creative and help her put them together.  Since she does not know how to write yet, I would write on her behalf or simply trace her hands on the card itself.   Little did I know that her Dad was keeping all those cards every year.   Yesterday, he showed me the five valentine cards that Gabz gave her.   It was posted on his wall at the office!!!

Here it is :-)   It was just so sweet for Dad to treasure all those cards through the years.  He told Gabz to promise him to continue giving him valentine cards all through her life.   That would be tons of valentine cards to collect!!! But that is just hubby, so sweet in so many ways sometimes I am surprised on how he do and treasure things.   He is more sensitive and romantic than I am :-)

I think that was the sweetest thing I have this valentines day!   Of course I had my flowers and chocolates too.

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