Wednesday, February 9

Who doesn't want savings?

I think everybody wants to save no matter how much money they have.  I know I am one of those people who wants savings on almost everything.    You can have these savings on so many ways :

1. Plan ahead of time before you go to the grocery or mall.
2.  Look for sale or current promotions
3.  Register on sites that you frequented (they usually gives points, coupons or discounts to members)
4.  Buy out of season stuff
5.  Most of all find COUPONS before you head out.

These are just the basic ideas on how you could save money.    On every purchase or occasions you wanted to save money.  This Valentines Day you wanted to give present to your special someone; a partner, spouse, mom, dad or anybody close to your heart.   For instance, I wanted to buy some camera accessories for my husband as a present, before I purchased that item I will look for coupons online and see how much discount or money I could save.  There are tons of printable or coupon codes online that you can use.  The coupons
has printable coupons or code that you can enter if you prefer to do your shopping online.  They also have a lot of participating store like Old Navy, (for Valentines Day), Body Shop, Orbitz for your travel needs and a lot more.  Why don't you check it out and see for yourself.  

You will be surprise how much money you save if you have 15, 20 or 30% off coupon on your total purchase.  Imagine if you have that kind of savings on every purchases you will have.  At the end of the year, you will be surprised how much money you save.   Coupons are goldmines and you don't want that out of your hand.   From now on be a coupon lady !!!

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