Thursday, March 3

Tulips in your spring garden

Can you imagine how beautiful your garden will be on spring if it is full of tulips?   I am so excited to see mine and could not wait for spring to come.   Last year, me and my friends went to Tulip festival, we bought 100 pcs. of tulip bulbs (with different variety) and have it delivered at home the next year.   Last fall the Tulip bulbs arrived and we planted it in late October.   Now, I could see my Tulips sprouting in my garden!  All of them are growing !

These one is located in our backyard.   I lined them up in one line so they would look pretty.

 This is my front yard and this is covered with sprouting tulips and the portion near the stairs has lilies on it from last spring.   I hope they will sprout this spring too together with my tulips.  ! Yay ! I am super excited.

Do you know that tulips is a perennial flowers?  This beautiful flower is very easy to plant and they grow in any type of soil except on very wet soil, because if you plant them on wet soil the bulb will rot.   Tulips are usually planted during fall, so as to give time for the bulbs to take root and grow for spring.   If you want to buy the bulbs earlier, buy the finest quality of bulb, the bigger the bulb the bigger the bloom.   Once you have them, store it in a cool and well ventilated area.  Not on a dry or humid place otherwise your bulb will get dry.  Once it is time for you to plant them,  follow the instruction on the packet but if there is none dig a hole 5 to 6 inches deep.   Water them after planting to make sure that the soil is cool.   Then just let them bloom and admire its beauty!!!   After its full bloom just let the plant grow until it dies off.  Next spring comes, you will have another tulips that is ready to bloom !

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Dhemz said...

oh my...they're sprouting! penge nang bulbs te...ehehehe!

musta na po, been awhile...hope all is well....salamat po sa dalaw te.