Friday, March 18

Fire Station Field Trip

Gabz school had a field trip at the Fire Station the other day.   This fire station near our place is the tiniest fire station in the King County.   They have two fire trucks and 12 men rotating on duty.   The kids had fun seeing the real fire fighter and be near a fire truck.  The parents are thrilled to learn some information passed by the fire fighters to the kids.   I was amazed when they told us the cost of a fire fighter suit!   They said it was like $4,000 a piece ?!  No wonder they changed it after a decade :-)

I took some pictures with my iPhone, but still trying to figure out how to transfer them to my pc. 

Here it goes....Andi joined the Pre schoolers!  She is the baby in front wearing a red shirt!  I think Andi will be done with all the fields trips before she enters pre school.  She had been in every single one of them.

Next post, I will share to you some safety tips I found at the fire station bulletin board.

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