Monday, March 21

Dreaming of a second car!

Ever since we arrived here in the US, we were able to manage to have one single car for six years.  I do not know how we were able to get through it, but surprisingly we have.   Unfortunately, the stress of going back and forth dropping off and picking up my husband and kids is having a toll on me.   I started complaining to my husband and asking him to consider having another car.   In spite of having a one income family, and the sky rocketing gas prices, I really wanted to push through buying another car.   We don't need a brand new car, I wanted a used car where we could buy in cash to avoid having another mortgage.

The other day, a friend of mine asked me if I am interested to check her neighbor's car.   They are selling their SUV  because of faulty transmission, but they are willing to have the car fix before they sell it.   When I googled the car make and model, I found out that this model was recalled because of transmission issue.   I  informed my friend a bout the recall and she was glad that she learned about it, because she does not want to recommend something that is not reliable.

Buying a car is not that easy especially second hand cars.  You have to make sure that the car is in good running condition and does not have any surprises after you purchased it.    A reliable used car dealer will solve your problem, Park Auto Mall in Tampa Florida is one of them.  If you are looking for Tampa used cars, you can always check them out.   You can either go to their shop or you can check them out online.   Their online website has this unique feature where you can watched videos of  the different model of their car and it's features.  It  is very cool!

Check out their inventory list now and find out if they have the type of car  or Truck you are looking.  They carry a good number of  car maker and models  and their inventory list is being updated daily!

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