Wednesday, March 2

I need a new scrub !

I need a new scrub before the spring quarter starts !  My previous scrub was out of question, the stitching  is opening up.  I think the sewing quality when I had it repaired was not that good.   I need a better scrub that would last me for two quarters, I think I need two this time because when I go externship I would be wearing them every day.   If I will get two, I need to find a discount medical scrubs to be able to save some money!  

Do you know that scrub only evolved around 1940's?   Doctors and medical staff does not used uniforms when they do surgeries or perform operation back then.   They wear their every day clothes!  As time goes by, medical personnel become more concerned about infection, hygiene and contamination.   They started wearing white attire to symbolized cleanliness and gloves to protect themselves from cleaning chemicals and solutions.   Eventually, I think people get tired of white and created something more colorful.   Now, almost all medical personnel wear this colorful uniform we call scrub.   Making scrub as a medical uniform was a fantastic idea.   Scrubs looks professional, simple, neat, smart and most of all you don't have to spend hundred of dollars for clothes!  Not all countries use scrub though, I think only Canada and US.  I know in Philippines, nurses still wear white uniforms and lab coats for doctors.  I am sure eventually they will adapt the use of scrub as well.

If you are planning to work or get a degree in medical field, you better start shopping for scrubs. There are a lot of  stores and online shops that sell scrubs and other uniform essentials like jackets, hats, lab coats, etc.  

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