Tuesday, March 22

Make money out of your old stuff

I know that this trick is known by thousand of people  already, but I wanted to share my recent experienced with you all.   I have a 18 months old baby and as you know if you have a baby you have tons of things in your garage and closet.    With all my baby's clothes, I segregated them in the box separating winter clothing and summer outfits.   Most of the clothes, I gave to two of our friends who are pregnant with girls.  Some to our next door neighbor who recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl.   I  wanted to give those clothes to help other momies because I received tons of baby clothes when I was pregnant with Andi.  I wanted to give back the blessings so I gave them away as well.

The rest of my baby stuff, Graco travel system, swing, boppy pillow, play mat, two baby bath tubs, bottle warmer that was never been used but was opened I sold them to Craigslist and JBF!   Craigslist if the best way to sell your old stuff because you don't have to share any percentage of your item and you don't pay any shipping and tax.    I was able to sold 3 of my baby items at Craigslist.  They are like hot potato :-)  With JBF (Just between friends) I was able to sell the rest of my baby stuff.  Downside is they took 35% from your total price.   But you have no hassle of looking for buyer, just drop off your stuff to their garage area and pick them up if they were not sold.  After 30 days your check will just arrive in the mail.   So easy right?

Best part is,  I was able to gather some cash from those stuff that are just sitting in our garage.   

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