Monday, March 21

Concert Ticket Anyone?

A friend of mine is getting married this year and being a good friend we wanted to give her a Bachelorette Party and treat her into something special.  Me and another friend was trying to figure out what to do.   We are looking for some possibility of flying to Las Vegas and spoil ourselves for a couple of days.    We are checking out some concert tickets of her favorite band as well and having a night out after.   These ideas are quiet good, but we have to consider leaving our family and kids for a couple of days if these plans push through.   Because of that, the odds does not look good.   We are just quiet lost and running out of ideas here.   I think the concert thing is probable, because we do not have to be away for so long.   We started checking out concert schedules and tickets here in Washington, and I am quiet frustrated that there are not so many!   I found some Keith Urban tickets for September at Key Arena but that is still far far away.  Not even a Bon Jovi tickets nearby, it is a good thing Journey has a scheduled concert on October.   I think we will check that out if we could not find anything sooner.

If you are looking for affordable Dave Mathews Band tickets, check out  They sell almost all type of concert and events tickets.   Love to see rock and roll concert? Grab a Rush concert tickets.   Maybe you want to indulge yourself to some pop music?  I love pop music, it makes me relax and fall in love again.   The famous pop singer Kenney Chesney will have his concert here in Seattle on July 22 at Tacoma Dome.   I can't wait to buy my Kenney Chesney tickets for his upcoming concert.     So, what are you waiting for?  check it out before it runs out.

It is good to treat a friend or yourself into something special once in a while.   It revives you and changed your perspective into something positive.

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