Monday, May 2

Tulips Festival 2011 with Mother in Law

Here is another season of Tulips Festival.  This time we went there with my mother in law who is back here in the states.    She was so glad that we brought her there, because the last time she saw our pictures and she was asking about it.   The tulips are in a variety this time, some fields are blooming and some are still in a small buds. 

Here are some of our pictures:

I do not know why, but these are the only pictures I could upload.  There is an error message that server rejected it?  Oh well, but at least I have three pictures here. 

Tulips festival is still ongoing and I think they are still open for the whole month of May.   Entrance is only $5 and kids are free.   You can enjoy, really enjoy the tulips in different variety.  

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