Monday, May 9

Tending to my indoor garden

Guest post written by Wendy Carlson

Summer is my favorite holiday because of all the gardening that I get to do outdoors. Gardening is always such hard work but I love the satisfaction that I get when I work on something hard and then see it grow to become something beautiful.
I also keep quite a few house plants inside, especially during the winter when I can't really enjoy gardening as much. It can just be so nice when I see how beautiful these houseplants become too. My sister's the same way because we both grew up gardening so much. I actually used my to send her a few pictures of a few plants that have really lasted well throughout the winter. It sounds a little weird, but we actually do that quite a bit back and forth.
I absolutely love this one house plant that I have. It's in full bloom now and is just looking really amazing. Which, I followed all of the directions for caring for it and this is just one of those times that it really did do a great job of it.

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