Tuesday, June 21

Online colleges is Awesome!

Awesome and great to people who are busy or does not have time to attend normal classroom education.   Ideal as well for people who wants to take programs that is not being offered on their nearby universities or colleges.   There are tremendous advantages in online programs or courses.   Based from my own experienced, I was able to stay at home, take good care of my kids and family, do my routine activities while taking the program that I want for my future career advancement.   I do not have to commute to school and worry about nanny and childcare.   The first time I enrolled and experienced online course, I said to myself this is great!  From then on, I was hooked.  I could tailored my class assignments, projects, discussions boards participation to my everyday schedule.  One thing, they did not tell you about online courses is that, it has tons of assignments and projects.   It may be easy and convenient but it is no fun.   The amount of work you put on it is the same as having one on campus.  

This quarter I will be having my externship as a final stage of my online program in healthcare.   If you want to know more about online degree programs in healthcare administration you can check out the link above.  Online courses are not limited to healthcare only, there are tons of courses offered online.   Check it out and be amazed on the courses they offered.   If you need financial help you can check out the
Free Application For Federal Student Aid http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/.

If you are interested and wants to enroll as soon as possible, check it out now and get ready to start this summer quarter!  I promised you, it will be awesome and fun!

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