Tuesday, July 5

MONTE CARLO (Movie Review)

Monte Carlo starring Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy.  This movie is about a normal teenage girl from Texas who has been saving money to fulfill her dream of visiting Paris.  After graduation, she was off to Paris with her best friend Emma (Katie Cassidy) and her step sister Meg (Leighton Meester).   When they were in Paris, their supposed to be dream vacation was not exactly as they imagined it to be.   Until Grace (Selena Gomez) found herself in the middle of mistaken identity.  The three ladies went along with the charade and found themselves in Monte Carlo under the identity of Cordelia.   A rich spoiled brat who played villain (sort of) in the story.

On the process of finding themselves and their dreams, they meet people who changed their perspective in life and fell in love.  Except, Emma who realized that the boyfriend she left in Texas is all that matters to her and not the fancy houses that she always dreamed of.

Anyways, the movie has a little bit of everything, a little comedy, drama and love story.   Story of friendship and family.   

Before I went to see this movie, I though it was a teenage movie, so I brought along a friend's daughter who is 13 to get her input on the movie.   Unfortunately, I could not rate it as a teenage movie because I felt like this movie is in a middle of teen and adult ?  The overall story is great, the cast are terrific, Selena Gomez is amazing, but the flow of the story is quiet slow, I got bored in the middle.   I only got excited at the end when everybody was like bumping into each other and Cordelia showing up at Monte Carlo.   

The best thing about this movie is the scenery!!!  I fell in love in the place and wish that someday I could go to Budapest!  

Overall, the movie is not so bad if you want to relax and have nothing to do.   But this is the kind of movie where you will tend to forget the moment you walked out the door. 

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