Tuesday, July 12

Staying at a Disney hotel is part of the experience

Guest post written by Bobby Key

I took my family to Walt Disney World for years before. But then a few years ago, we went again and stayed at a Disney hotel on site. It made it so much fun and was so much better than just staying off site at some regular hotel. Then I loved just riding a bus into the park instead of sitting in traffic and dealing with parking like we had before. So when we go later in this summer, we're just going to stay at the Disney Wilderness Lodge.

I think that I've looked up just about as much stuff as possible about the hotel online and one night when I was reading some reviews, I saw the site http://wirelessInternet.NET. After I read through it and showed it to my wife, we decided to sign up for one of the internet packages we saw on there.

From the pictures online, the Wilderness Lodge basically looks like one big Lincoln log cabin. It's supposed to be very rustic and just sounds pretty neat in general. I think it's going to make our trip that much better.

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