Thursday, July 14

Visiting Mt. Rainier after four years

Two weeks after we arrived here in Washington, we visited Mt. Rainier to explore its magnificent beauty.   Last weekend we brought out guests up there to share the abundance of mother nature in this beautiful state.   Mt. Rainier is one of the many beautiful places here in Seattle.  You will be awe by its beauty and allure, the magic of nature could be felt and seen from the foot to the top of the mountain.  

Even though it is already summer here in Washington, the snow in Mt. Rainier is still so thick! Unlike the last time we were there, you could see the beautiful garden that surrounds it.  Nevertheless, it is still beautiful !

Here are some of the pictures:

We travelled for two and half hours to get there.  Mt. Rainier is located in Ashford  Washington.   From there we had dinner at Jollibee!  Our guests was so excited to have dinner because they have been looking forward to eat there.   There is no Jollibbee at New Mexico (that is where they came from)!

Every one was so tired....but ready for next day adventure!

Next days schedule is downtown Seattle. 

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