Wednesday, July 27

Another fun activity this summer

Summer can be fun and exhausting for kids and parents.   You know why? Fun for kids and exhausting for parents!!  Kids love summer, because they could spend time in the lake almost everyday,  and tons of summer activities.  Parents on the other hand are getting crazy of enrolling their kids in whatever summer activities they could find just to keep their kiddo entertained.   Aside from spending days in the lake, my daughter has swimming and ice skating lessons.   During weekend, we tried to spend time together doing things that we all love.  Last weekend, we did blueberry picking in the nearby Farm.   The kids loved it !  My youngest, was so busy picking the berries and directly putting it in her mouth.  

Here are some of our pictures:

The best thing about this activity is that, you only pay for the amount of blueberry that you pick!  I paid $5 for everything that we had, I forgot how many pound was it though.   But it was fun at the same time we spend time together as a family.

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