Thursday, January 26

I am back !

I am back !  I cannot believed that I have been away for so many months and was not able to update my blog for so long.   I am so sorry for those who still checked my blog from time to time and THANK YOU  for doing so.   So many things happened in my life, after my externship, I was hired and started work right away, and after that I have to be away for a month and could not blog due to thousands of reasons.   I know I have so many excuses, but the bottom line is that I have neglected my blog and it was all my fault.

Now, that I am back I will try very hard to give updates no matter how busy my life will be.  I missed blogging and my blogging friends!!!  I missed writing comments, visiting other blogs and meeting new people.  I missed reading your comments and messages too :-)

Right now, I am cracking up my mind and my computer trying to find a gift for my daughter.   Gabz will be turning six this Saturday and she wants a Barbie alarm clock for her birthday.   I am turning online sites upside down trying to find for that alarm clock and I could not find one.  There are very few Barbie alarm clocks and reviews are not very good.  I feel like I will be wasting my money buying it.   But it looks like I will end up with one of those as I am running out of options.   I wanted to give what she wish for her birthday.   I think I will check that alarm clock tomorrow at Toys R Us.

So, that is one thing that keeps me busy right now, then work, catching up on those back logs of errands for the last month and of course dealing with my two year old.   But I have no complaints, life is so good to me and I am looking forward  for a new year with fresh minds and a lot of enthusiasm.

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