Saturday, January 28

My Baby is turning 6 !

Gabz is turning six today.   Yesterday, she had a little party at school, we brought cupcakes, juices and simple goody bags for her classmates.  I asked her how does it goes after school and she said she had a blast !  She got to wear a crown the whole day in their school because it is her birthday.  She said that other girls love her Barbie Cake.   And then tomorrow Sunday, we planned to have a big party for her and (me) in the house.  Her birthday theme this time is Fashion Barbie.   We will be having a Barbie fashion show with her friends.  We will try to make it as realistic as possible.  A friend said that he will bring a fogging machine, a strobe light and he will be our DJ for the day !!!  I asked some friends to bring clothes and accessories for the kids too.  I am super excited and hopefully we could pull this off.  The kids has been wanting to do fashion show, they kind of did it in their own way, but this time we wanted to make it happen for them.   I told them that they will gonna dress up in casual clothes, sports and gown with matching hair stylist and make ups.   They are super excited because they will be able to wear make up that day !

I will post some pictures next week after my work schedule.   Watch out for it !

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Dhemz said...

wow! ang bilis nang panahon....dalaga na si ateGabz...way to go!

musta na po teMel...hope all is well..thanks for dropping by!