Wednesday, February 8

DownEast Basics - Clothing Review

I was excited when I received an invitation to review DownEast Basics store here in South Center Mall, Tukwila, WA.  I never heard of DownEast Basics before and was ecstatic to try something new.   When I entered the store, my first impression was; classy, chic, a little conservative, styles are unique and modish.   I noticed a lot of lace and color combination are impressive.   Their own style is eminent the moment you entered the store.  Their line of clothing is wearable by women and teens.  If you love to shop and bond with your daughter, this is the best place for you.

For those people who are not familiar with DownEast Basics, I took a few pictures so you could see for yourself some of their clothing displays.

If you are good at mix and match, they are perfect for both working clothes and everyday  wear.  You could pair up their blouses with a pair of jeans or skirt, and off you go.  The best of all, their prices are very reasonable!   They have a lot of clearance items right now and some sweaters starts at $9.99 only!

This rack above is only part of their clearance section, they have enormous selection on a very low price.   I found some basic tees at $5.99 only.   Summer is just a few months away, it is better to stock up now!

They also carry some accessories that starts at $3.99 only.  Great price right?   I was not able to ask though if the 3.99 price is the final price or you could still take away 30% on top of it.   Nevertheless, the price is still a great deal.

The greatest find I had was the swimsuit selection for both women and kids!   I love their styles and color.   I promised myself to go back in their and grab one of those swimsuits for my kids and myself.    These are my favorites:

This is for my two year old daughter.   Very simple and yet pretty.  I found one for my six year old as well, but the picture I took does not give justice to the item.

This pair is my fave one. The skirt is gorgeous and I love the color!  It does not even look like a swimsuit.

Do you want to head out  now and check out the store?   They are located at Westfield Southcenter Shopping Center in Tukwila, WA.  The store is located on the ground level near GAP, EXPRESS and Apple Store.

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