Wednesday, February 22

Barby Fashion Birthday Party - Part II

So, I finally found time to continue this second portion of Gabz birthday party which is a Barbie Fashion Show.   On the first post I had, they had the casual wear.   After that, they had the sports wear, which turned out quite on the spot because one mom (who has three kids ) forgot to bring a sports attire for her kids.   One reason as well why we had to do two casual wear.

Anyhow, here are the pictures for their sports wear.

I would say that both kids and grown ups had so much fun in this party.  Simply because, this was the first time we did this kind of party.   The kids was excited to change costumes, wear make ups and accessorized.   Moms and Dads were happy watching their kids in different costumes, no cost for us and most of all we saw that our kids was having a blast !!! What else could you ask for?  

One of my friend said that she wanted to do this on her daughters' 7th birthday, but this time it will be more organize and will include the boys in the fun :-)

You can do this too !!!

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