Sunday, April 29

Healthy Lifestyle

I have been working on ways to loose weight and to live a healthy lifestyle.  So far I could say that I am a failure in that aspect.  I don't know why it is so hard to exercise, eat healthy food and life healthy.   I am still gaining weight instead of loosing them!  Argh!

I really admire my husband for his perseverance is trying to be healthy, so far he lost 15 pounds!  He exercise almost everyday, reduced his portion of food and trying to eat healthy food only.    Just today, he purchased a new bike, so he could ride a bike when the weather permits. 

I have tried doing Yoga a couple of times, but could only last a couple of months.    Tried walking but I could not do things consistently, that is all I could say.   I don't know what to do or what motivation I would need.  I really want to loose weight, but so lazy to do things.

Any ideas or suggestions?  I would really appreciate it?

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