Monday, May 14

We had a blast @ Great Wolf Lodge

My family had an overnight at Great Wolf Lodge the other night (5/1/12).   After we pick up my daughter at school at 3PM, we drove straight to Great Wolf.   For some reason traffic was so bad during that time, but good thing that there is an HOV ( that made the traffic bearable for the kids) we arrived a bit earlier than we had expected.   The place was a little bit slow and when I checked in,  they told me that It was very slow during that night.  For us that was a good thing because less people around and no line in the slide!

The best part of this get away was that, the kids has no clue whatsoever what we planned during that day.   My eldest daughter was so shocked and delighted when we arrived and find out that we are staying overnight and go swimming the whole day.   It does not bother her missing school at all.   She was just so excited!

After we came up, unpacked our clothes and eat snacks, we headed back to the water.  Andi could not make up her mind where and what to do.  She got overwhelmed with everything that is going on.  She never been to a water park or something similar, that is why she is not quite sure what to do at first.  But then when she kind of tested things out, she could not stop, she was all over the place.  On the other hand Gabz, tried the giant slide with her Dad.  I expected her to be a bit scared because she is not a big fun of heights and scary stuff, but I was surprised when she had fun and would love it.  Totally loved it because she will not stop going up and down, we got so tired because you have to climbed three flights of stairs before you reach the top.  Until we decided to let her go by herself.   The biggest slide is a stomach churning because it was dark and there a portion in there that you will have a free fall and once you land at the bottom, it will turn you upside down back and forth.  The first time I tried it, honestly I was cursing a lot!

After having so much fun, we came up to our room just before 8 o'clock, in time to catch ed the Great Wolf bedtime story at the lobby.

The next day, slide to the max again.   We also love the waves and water obstacle.  Andi could not get over with the slide and and banana boat ride at the kids section.

Here are some pictures:

For me Great Wolf is still the best indoor water park.   They are open all season long.  And water park fee are included in your hotel rate.   It is one and half hour drive from Seattle heading to Portland (without traffic) :-)  Try going there during weekdays because they give lower rates.  Check out their calendar of rates for better deal.   If you have kids, I guarantee that they would love this place!  Especially if the kids love water slides, they have different kinds!  

Aside from the water park, they also have Magi Quest, where kids and grown up alike could hunt for treasures, an arcade and a cub club.  After a day of having fun, you could drop buy at the nearby outlet mall on your way home!

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