Wednesday, April 18

Learning to Coupon

I think everyone know that coupons could save you tons of money.   Since extreme couponing becomes popular, I got interested in doing a few couponing.   I admit that it needs a lot of time and effort to do it, because you have to watch out from deals from different stores.   You will be able to match up stores deals with what coupon do you have.   Once you started, it is so addicting.   I have tried a few times when my time allows it and I am always surprise how much money I could save.

I know you have watched extreme couponing on TV and read it in various newspapers, blogs and anywhere in the internet.  But let me share to you my own experienced.  I am still a novice and learning but here is mine:

When Sunday comes, I go to Dollar store and bought a couple of newspaper or I go to our local library and grab free newspaper from the door.

Then I clipped those coupon inserts and organized them alphabetically.

Read some blogs so specialized in extreme couponing, because they matched up deals for me.   Easy, otherwise I will need a few hours looking at every stores weekly specials.

Then list down the things that I need based on the matched up that I found.  I let go those stuff that I don't need, even though I have coupons from them.  Once my list is ready, I go to the store.

Yesterday, I went to Target and Albertsons.  Here are the things I got:

Above items, I got from Target.  With my $10 Gift card from Ebates, I only paid out of pocket $5.00 for all items.  I could not give you a break down because I could not find my receipt any longer !!!

Here are the things I got from Albertsons.
Here is the breakdown:

1. Nissin Cup Noodles - 1.00 x 3 = 3.00
Nissin Big Cup Coupon - $ 1.00
Twice the value coupon - $ 1.00

Total price for 3 = 1.00

2. Barilla Pasta -1.99
Barilla Pasta Sauce -1.82
Barilla coupon - 1.00
Twice the value coupon - 1.00

Total price = 1.81

3. Pepsi Next - 1.50 x 2 =  3.00
( 2 ) Pepsi Coupon - 2.00

Total price = 1.00

4. Act mouthwash -3.99
Act coupon - 1.00
Twice the value coupon - 1.00

Total price =1.99

I used my $1 coupon from previous transaction.


My total savings is 65%, for me this is toatally awesome !! I saved $10 for this transaction alone, how much more savings you are gonna get if you have 5 or more of these trips to the grocery in a week?

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