Tuesday, February 26

Another face of Deception Pass

This was the sunset at one of the lake in Deception Pass camping ground.   My husband took this picture from last year's camping trip.   I was just going through some pictures and came across this.  This is so beautiful and can't resist to share this with you.

The campground we were in last year was near the entrance of the park.   It was not so bad, but this group camping site has no shower and the lake beside it is for fishing only.  You have to travel on the other side of the lake if you wanted the kids to go swimming.

It was freezing cold at night as well.   My husband hardly slept because it was so cold and he only had a sleeping bag with him.  Whereas me and the girls are inside a sleeping bag and a comforter on top of the sleeping bag :-) The group site is big, has a small picnic shelter, a few tables, 1 fire circle and a toilet.  The group site was not a good spot for camping because you have to take the car if you want to do some activities like hiking, picnic, site seeing or bring the kids to have a swim.   Their individual sites on the other hand are pretty good.   Some are big where you could hook up your RV or park your   car beside your tent.   Some of these sites are near the restroom and shower.

If you have not been to Deception Pass, it is a good time to go, killing two birds in one stone, camping and site seeing.

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