Wednesday, March 6

Summer Fun @ Bellevue Park

Spring is almost here, but I am so excited for summer.   You can do a lot of activities during summer, go to the beach or lake, go camping, ride your bike, picnic with friends, hike, go to the park with family and friends or explore the magnificent beauty of Washington State.

Yesterday, while waiting for our appointment near Crossroad Mall in Bellevue, we went to the nearby park.   I have seen this park before during summer, but never got the chance to actually to there and let the kids play.   Yesterday, my daughter was so excited when she saw the park because it was huge and very nice.   She have not seen this kind of park yet, where there is giant Dolphins, a Dragon and other animals.   When she step into the playground she was surprised and said " the ground is squishy!" She run around, climb the slide and explore.

This playground is a Water Spray Play Area that is open all year round.   They open the water spray starting Memorial Day until end of September from 8am to 8pm.   Water comes out from the Dolphins, frogs, clams and other animals.   Beside the water play area, are shed with picnic tables, benches, a slide and green grass where you could just sit and enjoy the surrounding!

To better understand, what I am talking about here are the pictures I took:

There are a lot of walking path around the park and I saw a lot of people walking around that day.   This is a pet friendly park as well.

This is a fun place to bring the kids during summer, you can do variety of activities all day long.   The place is beautiful, fun and most of all it is free.

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Dhemz said...

musta na po teMel! been a long time...hope all is well...glad to hear from you again...:) musta na mga chikitings mo?

dropping by here quick before hitting the hay...ingat po!