Monday, March 4

Signs of Spring!

Last weekend, we visited Bellevue Botanical Garden once again to have a nice afternoon walk.    During that day Bellevue Botanical was having a Grand Plant Sale, unfortunately they were already closing out for the day when we arrived.  

We went ahead with our usual trail, but decided to turn right at the crossing path because we have not explored that part of the garden yet, and we heard that there is a new bridge in the middle of those trees.      Too bad, it started to drizzle and before we reach the bridge it was raining cats and dogs!   My daughter  was complaining and saying that she did not sign up for this.  She is so funny, and she is only 3 years old.    We finally reach the bridge and it was quiet nice, and it has a sign that says, welcome to the wild.   We cross the bridge and made a small circle around until we went back at the foot of the bridge, the girls was asking where was the wild part?   Oh well, I have no idea and people who put up the sign must have considered that wild, but unluckily it was not wild enough for the kids.

On our way back using a different trail, we found these tree just outside the Yao Garden.   It was the first sign of spring.

The leaves are starting to bloom in the branches, it was beautiful.   I guess that is one thing I love about spring, because it makes me feel a lot of things.  Seeing this makes me hopeful that there is always a new life, a new beginning, a new start for a new season.   Flowers are starting to bloom and grass starts to grow.  

Bellevue Botanical Garden are among the places here in Washington that we love to visit during summer.   This garden has a lot of variety of flowers, the trail is not too long for a nice afternoon walk with the kids, and this place is free.

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