Wednesday, March 20

The Good Daughter - Book Review

The Good Daughter is the first book of Jane Porter that I have ever read.   I love to read books in different genres, depending on my mood.  Jane Porter is the award- winning author of The Good Woman, Flirting with Forty and several other novels.

The Good Daughter is a story of a woman who is approaching forty and single.   She came from a good catholic family and a teacher in a catholic school.   They have an ideal family who live by their catholic values, support each other through thick and thin.  They are also like other families who have its ups and downs.  She is fraught with her mother’s advance cancer stage, a brother and sister in-law who just lost a baby, a sister who is trying to keep her marriage going and a twin sister who is in Africa and a black ship in the family.     To top it all, she has to deal with one of her students who was troubled and thinks that her life might be in danger.  She dealt with all these and the fact that she is turning Forty and no family of her own with no boyfriend, only a career and her love of teaching.

Then she met someone who is the least person who would fit and approved by her family.  This someone does not want commitment, relationship and most of all marriage.  

 The story of this book is very distinctive for me, because it depicts the life of an ordinary person who strives with her personal problems, and yet she was there to support, listen and help her family.  She has a big heart, opens her arms to everybody who needs her.   She is strong, compassionate, a good listener, a confidante, who always finds good in people.   And of course she loves to read!  

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