Tuesday, April 2

Cherry Blossom @ University of Washington

Over the weekend, we went to University of Washington to check out the Cherry Blossom inside the campus and to check the University Belt.   Once we entered the campus we drove around to see the different buildings and other facilities.   It was huge, and I love the architecture, landscape and open concept design of the buildings.  The Cherry trees are planted around the middle ground.   The place was packed with people visiting and I guess students who were just hanging out.  We went there on a Sunday, yet the place was packed.   The weather was really nice, I think that is why a lot of people wanted to enjoy the place before the rain wash it on the next few days.

The girls was just having fun :-)

This was taken in the huge open space in front of the University's library.

On the main entrance or rather the front yard of the University is a fountain, were people just sit and enjoyed the sun.   Walking around the campus or just sitting in the grass is very relaxing.   The place is beautiful, it make’s me want go back to college!

If you are visiting Seattle, this place is worth visiting.  It is near other beautiful places in Seattle like the Japanese Garden, Arboretum, Woodland Park Zoo, then you can drop by Space Needle, Pike Market, the first Starbucks and other famous places in down town Seattle.

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