Monday, April 29

Classic Cars and America History

My husband has been asking me for a while to go to LeMay Museum in Tacoma where it houses hundreds of classic cars from early 1900.   The oldest we found so far is 1903!  It was old but it was a beauty and will not be disappointed when you see it.

Here are some of the pictures he took, I have to choose only a few because he took tons of pictures, when I say tons, he took pictures of all the cars I guess aside from the accessories of each cars that fascinate him.

Their collections is very impressive, I felt like I was transported in time !  One thing I love about this classic cars, is how the manufacturers give so much attention to details.   The restoration quality is very impressive too.  I was trying to imagine how it feels to be driving one of these !  Just my wishful thinking :-) What can I do, I can't help it, they are beautiful!

LeMay Museum is in Tacoma, WA.  Entrance fee is $14 for adult and $8 for children and kids below 4 is free.   Since we are AAA member we were able to get 10% discount.


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