Sunday, May 5

Skagit Tulips Festival

Almost every year we go to Skagit Tulips Festival here in Washington State.   This event is considered a tourist destination here in the Northwest.   You could see acres and acres of different types of Tulips, Daffodils and other type of flowers, but of course majority of which is Tulips.  To know more about their schedule you can visit their website at Skagit Tulips Festival.  Another famous thing they have is their Garage Sale, this is a miles and miles of garage sale in Skagit Valley.  I have not been to one, but I heard that it was pretty awesome.

Last weekend, we decided to visit them back, usually we visited Tulip Town, but this time we considered another place which is Roozengaarde garden.  It was beautiful as usual and they have a garden layout rather than just one big fields of Tulips.   Unfortunately, my husband forgot his camera, that is why we were not able to get some pictures.  But I guess on the other hand it was a good thing because for the first time we were able to enjoy the surroundings, the hotdogs, coffee and of course the flowers without making a fuss of taking pictures here and there.

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