Friday, April 12

Our trip to Olympic Peninsula - Forks, Lake Crescent & Hurricane Ridge

The kids could not stop talking about Game Farm in Sequim, where they enjoyed feeding the animals.   From Sequim we had lunch at Port Angeles, and on our way to Forks we stop by for picture taking at Lake Crescent.   I was wondering why it was called Lake Crescent, it does not resemble the crescent shape? Of course I could help myself Googling it, click Lake Crescent for more information from Wikepedia if you are curious as I am.

Here are the two versions of Lake Crescent, black and white and the colored one.   This was just taken on the side of the road on our way to Forks.  I am pretty sure there are some nice places where the kids could play and swim during summer.  That would probably be part of the agenda on the next trip here. 

Here is me standing in front of the sign like an idiot.   But I guess this is a common sight to cars passing by in this highway.  They must have seen thousand of people having their pictures taken here because we are curious what Forks is like.   Stephanie Myers make it sound so interesting or maybe the characters in her book did.   One thing for sure, this place get a little sunshine, when we were driving along the highway the sunshine just come and go!  It was gloomy,foggy and drizzling.   No wonder Stephanie though that it will be a good place for vampires to live.

The people here tried their very best to attract more tourist by putting signs related to Twilight.   We even saw a sign that says "Twilight Firewood for sale"!  That was a bit funny, but people got to do what they got to do to sell firewood.

We thought Hurricane Ridge is open, so why not drive up in the mountain and see the magnificent view?  I thought the drive will never end, we were just going up and up and up.   The deers venturing along the road makes the drive a bit interesting.  And finally we were almost at the top, and for the first time in my life I feared of falling.   I felt this weird sensation at the pit of my stomach, that I want to get out of the car and just walk my way to the top.  I don't have any problem with heights ever, but here I don't even want to look outside my window!   The weirdest thing is that, I could not even see how high we are from the edge of the road, but I could totally feel it.  

Once we parked and settled down at the top I totally relaxed.   The view is amazing !   I was in total awe, it takes my breath away.

Surprisingly, the temperature is not that cold, we are not even wearing a jacket!   And of course when you see snow, you could not help yourself doing snow ball fight.   Here is Andi ready to charge !  

We did not stay too long, because there is nothing else to do.  The visitor center is close and we did not brought the kids sled.   Yes, they have a place where kids could do sledding!  They even have a variety of slopes from small to the biggest one.   It could have been fun!

Next stop, Lake Quinult.

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